Pompeii and the hidden gems of Southern Italy
Pompeii and the hidden gems of Southern Italy

Pompeii and the hidden gems of Southern Italy

Hey there! Ready for a new dose of travel adventures? Pack your bags because this time we’re taking you to the heart of Southern Italy: Pompeii! An unforgettable five-night stay awaited us in the suite rooms of ‘Four Pompei‘, a delightful retreat that not only offers comfort but also style, and conveniently located just opposite the entrance of the ancient city of Pompeii. So grab a delicious cappuccino and enjoy this travelogue full of discoveries and hidden gems of Southern Italy!

View over the Amalfi Coast from the balcony at Villa Cimbrone

Luxurious stay at Four Pompei

Four Pompei, our base for this Italian adventure, was truly a gem. This charming accommodation uniquely combines modern luxury with historical charm, making it not only a place to relax but also a true inspiration for all your discoveries in this breathtaking region!

The convenient location of Four Pompei adds an extra dimension to your stay. In just 45 minutes by train, you can find yourself in the bustling center of Naples, steeped in history and energy. Or how about a mini-road trip along the picturesque Amalfi Coast? Within an hour, you can cruise with your rented Fiat 500 along the breathtaking coastline.

But the cherry on top is the extraordinary proximity to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Stepping out of the door of Four Pompei, you find yourself right in front of the entrance to this historical wonder. At Four Pompei, you not only experience the beauty of the present but also embrace the fascinating history of the past. A true home away from home, ready to enchant you with the best of Southern Italy!

Pompeii – a journey back in time

The ancient Roman site of Pompeii exceeded every expectation. Walking through the ancient streets, you get a glimpse of the daily life of the Romans. The historical remains, including well-preserved houses, bathhouses, and theaters, tell the story of a thriving city that came to an abrupt halt due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Pompeii is a unique journey back in time, where every stone and every remnant tells a story. TIP: Try to plan your visit on a weekday to avoid extreme crowds. Although you can easily spend up to six hours here, we were able to experience the highlights perfectly in just two to three hours.

Another absolute must-see is the Cathedral of Pompeii! With an elevator, we ‘climbed’ to the top of the bell tower, where we were rewarded with breathtaking views of the vast archaeological site and the majestic surrounding mountains. The perfect place to pause and enjoy the overwhelming landscape that has stood the test of time.

Great dining options in Pompeii

When you think of Italy, you immediately think of pasta, espresso, and wine! In Pompeii, a few delightful dining options await within walking distance of our accommodation, ‘Four Pompei’.

Breakfast at De Vivo:

Start your day with a tasty kickstart at De Vivo, right across from Four Pompei. What can you expect? Strong espresso, airy cappuccino, and delicious croissants and pastries as far as the eye can see!

Lunch options:

  • Focacceria & Vineria de i Matti: An ideal spot for a tasty lunch, where you can enjoy delicious focaccia and good wines. TIP: We opted for a classic tomato-mozzarella-pesto and a special truffle cheese with nuts version.
  • We Love Puro: For those looking for pure, authentic flavors, this is the place to be. Healthy salads and juices, savory paninis, … they have it all!

Dinner hotspots:

  • Il Circolo: A place for foodies looking for refined Italian dishes. Here you can enjoy fine dining at its best!
  • Varnelli –¬†Bistro and Restaurant: This place combines a relaxed atmosphere with delicious dishes, blending traditional and contemporary flavors. TIP: Be sure to try the Pompeii Spritz cocktail! TIP: probeer zeker de Pompei Spritz cocktail!
  • Le Delizie: For pizza lovers, this is a must-visit. Be sure to try the pizza with pistachio, Parma ham, and lemon zest for a unique taste experience. TIP: This pizzeria is located just below Four Pompei, so if you’re in the mood for a relaxed evening, go for the takeout option!
  • Spinelli Bistrot: Here we tasted the most delicious pasta of our entire trip; with tomatoes, eggplant, and cheese. A must-try for lovers of delicious Italian pasta!

Day trip to Naples from Pompeii

An unforgettable day in bustling Naples began for us as soon as we took the train from Pompeii. In just 45 minutes, we found ourselves in the middle of this city full of history and lively energy. Here are some must-see highlights that you absolutely shouldn’t miss!

1. The iconic Duomo:

Our day starts with the breathtaking Duomo, an architectural masterpiece that adorns the heart of Naples. This cathedral, dedicated to San Gennaro, offers not only a touch of spiritual grandeur but also a profound insight into the city’s rich history.

2. The enchanting streets of Spaccanapoli:

Let yourself be carried away by the charming, narrow streets of Spaccanapoli. Here we immersed ourselves in authentic Neapolitan culture, surrounded by vibrant markets, local shops, and traditional crafts.


3. Splendor of Santa Chiara:

The majestic Santa Chiara, a monastery complex with a colorful ceramic facade, was a visual spectacle. The intriguing contrast between the serene courtyard and the vibrant mosaics made this one of the highlights of our day.

4. Exploring the Quartieri Spagnoli:

Cross the Quartieri Spagnoli, where the lively atmosphere and narrow streets full of life define the character of this neighborhood. Here we felt the pulse of daily Neapolitan life and discovered hidden gems among the locals.

5. Galleria Umberto:

A step into the Galleria Umberto took us into a world of elegance and architectural splendor. This covered gallery, with its impressive dome, offered a stylish environment for shopping and relaxing.

6. Piazza del Plebiscito:

The stately Piazza del Plebiscito, surrounded by imposing buildings, provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxing stopover. Here we absorbed the grandeur of this historic square.

Piazza del Plebiscito

7. Castel dell’Ovo:

Our tour ended at Castel dell’Ovo, a seaside castle with panoramic views over the Gulf of Naples. The atmosphere was enchanting, and we felt the history resonate as we walked along the ancient walls.

Castel dell'Ovo in Napoli

8. Sunset at Lungomare di Napoli:

We chose to elegantly end our day at Lungomare di Napoli, where the sunset set the sky ablaze. The picturesque coastline offered a breathtaking conclusion to our unforgettable day trip.

Exploring the Amalfi Coast from Pompeii

A mini-road trip along the dreamy Amalfi Coast was the icing on the cake for us! Panoramic views, picturesque coastal towns, and culinary delights – what more could you ask for? With our rented Fiat 500, we cruised from Pompeii along these beautiful stops.

1. Ravello’s lush gardens:

We kicked off our road trip in charming Ravello, with Villa Cimbrone’s lush gardens as our first stop. The absolute highlight of our visit? The breathtaking views over the azure Mediterranean Sea. The perfect start to the day!

2. Delicious pasta lunch in Amalfi:

Descending to Amalfi, we were spoiled with the atmosphere of a picturesque fishing village and the aromas of fresh seafood. Here we enjoyed a delicious pasta lunch by the sea, where local flavors melded with the relaxed coastal vibe.

3. Enchanting sunset in Positano:

Positano surprised us with its colorful buildings clinging to the cliffs. Narrow alleys filled with boutiques and viewpoints of the azure waters invite you to explore. But Positano reveals its true magic at sunset. As the sun slowly sets behind the horizon, the colorful buildings turn into shadows of warm hues. A magical spectacle!

In summary

Our trip to Pompeii and the surrounding gems felt like a journey through the history and soul of Southern Italy. And Four Pompei served as the perfect base. For those looking for a mix of history, culture, and gastronomy, Pompeii is undoubtedly the ultimate destination!

So, if your heart beats faster at the thought of exploring ancient Rome, tasting the refined flavors of Italian cuisine, and admiring the breathtaking landscape of the Amalfi Coast, then put Pompeii at the top of your travel list. An unforgettable Italian adventure awaits you, and Four Pompei is ready to welcome you in style!