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About us

About us

Belgian travel couple

Hi! We are Jennifer & Jeroen, a Belgian travel couple from Borgloon, Limburg. And as you can probably guess: we are passionate about outings and travel! During the week, we work as a copywriter & marketer, and on weekends, there’s nothing we love more than going on fun trips.

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As we already said: WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! 🙂 But with only 20 vacation days per year, it’s often a tight puzzle to go on as many trips as possible.

[pullquote align=center]We try to see and discover as much as possible in that short time, or as we call it … ‘binge traveling’.[/pullquote]

We often hear from friends, colleagues, and family that we post such cool photos. And almost always, it’s accompanied by the question: “Where was that?” or “We’re also going to …, do you have any good tips?” This got us thinking about bundling our photos, videos, and stories on our own channel. After our trip to Mexico in 2018, we created our Instagram account. Six months later, this blog followed.

With The Binge Travelers, we aim to convey a destination in an experiential way to you, our readers. Our travel reports and tips are based solely on our own experiences. We like to alternate between nearby destinations and faraway travels. But what exactly is nearby and further away from Belgium? We use a simple rule: anything within 3 hours’ drive is “nearby”, the rest is “far away”.

The most satisfaction we get with our blog comes from the many messages from our followers and readers telling us that they’ve booked their next trip based on our photos and stories. We hope you gain a lot of inspiration. Be sure to let us know when you visit one of our places by tagging us on Instagram with

Happy travels!
Jennifer & Jeroen