Spain Workation: Working & city tripping on the south Spanish coast!
Spain Workation: Working & city tripping on the south Spanish coast!

Spain Workation: Working & city tripping on the south Spanish coast!

Welcome to Spain, a workation paradise! Here, you’ll find the ultimate balance between work and leisure, amidst the bustling coastal cities of Andalusia. During this workation (November 2023), we not only checked off our daily to-do’s but also embarked on adventures around the enchanting Sanlúcar de Barrameda. From laptops to beach bars – get ready for an unforgettable journey! We’ll show you, Binge Travel-style, how to make the most of your time, making your Spain Workation an experience you won’t soon forget!

Spanje workation op ons terras bij Casa Miguel

Casa Miguel, the Ideal Spain Workation Hub!

Armed with little more than our laptops, a camera, and sunglasses, we set off from our home in Belgium to the cozy workation hub in Sanlúcar: Casa Miguel, a beautifully renovated historic building proudly standing in the heart of the city center.

WiFi, check. Desk, check. Coffee, check. Blissful bed for power naps, double check! What more do you need for the perfect Spain Workation? Even a terrace for much-needed breaks is available. And for those moments when inspiration seems to be on vacation? Let yourself be enchanted by the stunning wall art adorning the building’s walls, created by the talented artist Linnéa Johansson. Here, you’ll not only get a workspace but also a dose of creative stimuli to make the most of your workation!

Whether you crave an oasis of tranquility to work with focus or a starting point for exciting adventures, Casa Miguel offers the perfect harmony! With Cadiz, Seville, and the Doñana National Park just around the corner, this location is an ideal base to explore the vibrant region. Located in southern Spain, Casa Miguel is the perfect place for a much-needed dose of vitamin D in the calm months of October and November. So, if the autumn vibes are calling you, look no further than Casa Miguel in Sanlúcar de Barrameda!

Exploring Sanlúcar

For four nights, we immerse ourselves in the picturesque town of Sanlúcar, the coastal town that was the starting point and grand finale of the very first circumnavigation of the globe. An adventure that began 500 years ago with the expedition of Magellan and Elcano. Because a good start is half the battle, we kick off our day with a delicious breakfast at Lumière, just around the corner at Plaza de San Roque.

An absolute must-do in Sanlúcar is a visit to the Mercado Central, famous for its abundance of fresh fish and seafood. The market enchants your senses with a colorful palette of smells and flavors, taking you on a culinary journey through one of Spain’s most gastronomic cities.

Mercado central Sanlucar

Back at Casa Miguel, we transformed our comfortable apartment into an inspiring workspace with views of Sanlúcar’s lively streets. Between work hours, we explored the city, visited the medieval Castillo de Santiago, and discovered the impressive bodegas, a true pride of Sanlúcar, where top wines and sherry are made.

We end our day with – what else in Spain? – tapas at LUCERO, located on the main square of Sanlúcar. A perfect end to our own mini exploration of Sanlúcar! (Eat that, Magellan!)

Indian Summer in Cadiz during our Spain workation

From our laptops straight to a beach bar in Cadiz – because for us, it’s all about work hard, play hard! During our Spain Workation, we made good use of the free day on November 1st to explore Cadiz. This city embraces the charm of an Indian Summer, with sun-drenched beaches and rich cultural sights. In just 40 minutes, you can drive from Sanlúcar to Cadiz, one of the liveliest coastal cities in southern Spain!

What’s on the agenda?

  • Wander through the old town center, visiting highlights such as the cathedral, narrow streets, and the Roman amphitheater.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere at popular squares, such as Plaza de San Juan de Dios and Plaza de las Flores.
  • Be enchanted by the flavors at Mercado Central, where local delicacies and tapas abound.
  • Take a romantic sunset stroll along the coastline.

From the old town, we walk to Parque Genovés, next to the ocean. We follow the walking path all the way to Castillo de Santa Catalina, where we enjoy breathtaking views of the beaches. Right next to this fortress, we come across a fun beach bar where we spend a blissful hour in the sun. When the sun kisses the horizon, we continue our atmospheric sunset stroll along the promenade all the way back to the cathedral to end our wonderful day in Cadiz in style. 

Enchanting Autumn Vibes in Seville

During our Spain Workation, we also took a half-day trip to Seville, just a 75-minute drive from our apartment in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The city enchanted us with its breathtaking architecture, cozy squares, irresistible tapas, and heavenly Spanish wines!

Our exploration began in the old town center. We strolled around Puerta Jerez, admired the cathedral, explored the beautiful square ‘Patio de Banderas,’ and wandered through the lush gardens of Real Alcazar to Plaza de España – the most famous square in Seville, an absolute must-see!

Along the glistening river, we walked towards Plaza de Toros and crossed the old town center on our way to our next stop: Metropol Parasol, the world’s largest wooden architectural structure, inspired by Antonio Gaudi and Calatrava. We walked both on top of it and underneath it. Especially at sunset, the view over the bustling city treated us to a breathtaking spectacle!

As the cherry on top, we ended up at Alcuza, a brand-new tapas and wine bar that had only been open for a week. There, we indulged in local cheeses and seafood, got to choose our own prawns in the kitchen, and washed it all down with delicious Spanish wines.

The cherry on the perfect workation cake, where every day was a wild mix of pounding away at our laptops and wandering through the best that southern Spain has to offer. From beach bars to historic cities – our Spain Workation was one big adventure full of unforgettable moments. Cheers to that!

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